The SimCity 2013 Has Arrived

I am seriously thinking of buying the latest version of SimCity. If you don't know what SimCity is, shame on you! Okay I'm just kidding. I haven't even played a single game of any SimCity version so "shame on me!".

So what's with this game? Of course we all know that SimCity has been a huge hit since its first release way back in 1989. The game has won multiple awards including Best Simulation Program, Best PC Game, Game of the Year and even Best 20th Century Computer Game.

SimCity 2013 is a reboot of the SimCity series, that's why it's simply called SimCity and not "SimCity Returns" or "SimCity: A New World" or "SimCity: Legacy Continues". None of those crap. Just plain "SimCity".

Want some screenshots? Of course we have!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Game Screenshots

I've been a fan of Call of Duty franchise games. The Call of Duty: Black Ops II is something that I should be playing right here, right now. I should really get a copy now. Okay enough with the rants. I would just like to post some cool game screenshots of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you haven't played the game yet just like me, feast on these screenshots first, then put on some pants and head to the nearest gaming store to buy a copy. Well, you can always download the game on Steam.

Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay Screenshots

If you loved Runic Game's Torchlight, then you'll surely enjoy its sequel, Torchlight 2. This RPG game was released on September 20, 2012. So what's new with Torchlight 2? Nothing much. But like it's predecessor, this game is packed with monster killing action, filled with loot, items and more monster killing action!

X-COM: Enemy Unknown Gameplay Screenshots

Hello fellow gamers out there! Thanks for dropping by the Gaming Chronicles. To start things off, let me show you some gameplay screenshots of X-COM: Enemy Unknown, which is a science fiction video game developed by Firaxis Games.

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